What you should know about High blood pressure?

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is actually the force with which blood travels from heart to different parts of your body. Blood travels through the arteries and thus the tone of blood vessels and heart rate determines the blood pressure. But in some situations, blood pressure can become quite high and this is the major reason why heart attack, organ failure and such complications occur.

High blood pressure and pregnancy

Now, when high blood pressure which is also called as hypertension happens during pregnancy, then it becomes a huge risk factor. Some women face high blood pressure before they get pregnant whereas some face the same during their pregnancy. High blood pressure when faced during pregnancy is a major cause of worry both for the mother and the child. The condition is known as pre-eclampsia. This can lead to several complications during childbirth which may result in the child being prematurely born.

What you should do at the time of high blood pressure during pregnancy?

In case you are suffering from high blood pressure during pregnancy, then make sure that you always get your blood pressure checked at every prenatal visit. In case your blood pressure shows a regular trend of being 140 and higher then ask your doctor to give you proper medicines and maybe some dietary changes also.

Complications during pregnancy because of high blood pressure –

There are many kinds of complications which are associated with high blood pressure and pregnancy. Some of the most common kinds of complications which are seen because of high blood pressure are as follows –

  1. Premature Birth – when a child is born before 37 weeks, then the same is termed as premature birth. This is because when a mother is going through high blood pressure thing then premature birth is the only solution to save the child. There are many hypertension specialists in Delhi who can help you in this case.
  2. Low Birth Weight – In case a mother is suffering from high blood pressure, the baby suffers and then the low birth weight is quite common in this case.
  3. Placental Shift – This is a major reason for worry where your placenta shifts before birth. A placenta is a major organ which is responsible to transfer oxygen and food to your baby. In such a case, you need to meet some hypertension specialist in Noida who can provide you with advanced medical services for the same.

In such complicated cases, birth through cesarean section is the only solution.  This is the technique where a baby is born through a cut between the belly and the uterus.

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