Diabetes in Senior Citizens

Nowadays, diabetes is a disease, which a major chunk of people suffers from. Irrespective of the country, lifestyle, and age, this disease can develop in any human being. As an autoimmune disease, this bears very little chance to get completely cured. It can be managed and controlled although by taking some lifestyle changes and seeking some regular medications.

Mostly, the utmost care is needed by the senior citizens. If you are a senior citizen suffering from diabetes, you should seek reliable diabetes specialists in Delhi. They can help you extensively in controlling diabetes.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes

There are three major symptoms of diabetes which the senior citizens generally experience. They are:

Abnormality in Hearing

As the glucose levels increase in the bloodstream, they tend to damage the nerves present in the ears of elderly adults. This causes fainted hearing. Most seniors experience this symptom while developing diabetes.

Vision Problems

It is the most prominent symptoms of senior diabetes patients. High glucose content in blood hampers the arterial supply of the retina thus creating problems in vision. If unattended, this can lead to permanent blindness of the victim.

Difficulties in Mobility

The bones of the feet are more prone towards damage when the blood sugar increases at a drastic level. You should always seek a diabetes specialist in Noida if you start having loss of sensation in your feet.

Ways to Manage Diabetes

There are a number of ways how you as a senior citizen can manage diabetes. You should always consider maintaining the following in order to live a healthy life with diabetes.

Medications should not be missed

It is vital to take each medication on time. If you are a diabetes patient, you should take each medicine on time. It helps to keep the metabolism going normally in your body.

Check Glucose level

You should always be aware of checking your glucose level in the body at regular intervals. You should discuss the results with your diabetes specialist in Delhi. Your doctor can easily manage your medications according to the glucose test results in your body.

Consider doing daily workouts and maintaining a healthy diet

Daily workouts can help you stay active as a senior citizen. It can also help your feet to be in good condition. A healthy diet promotes flawless metabolism in the body. You should always refrain from taking such foods which contain sugar or can increase the sugar levels in your body. You can discuss the diet and the workouts with your diabetes specialist in Noida.

It will always be better for you as a senior citizen to be in touch with a doctor while treating diabetes.

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Dr. Sandeep Gupta

Director, Welltopia


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