Motivation Score

Choose One Option

Q1: Do you feel like getting up immediately on waking up?

A: Some of the time
B: Often
C: All of the time

Q2: Have you developed new skill set in last three years?

A: None
B: Added one or two new skills
C: Added three or more Skills

Q3: Have you gained weight in last three years (only relevant if you are >25 years)?

A: No, I’ve maintained my weight in +/- 2 kg range
B: Gained >2 kg but < 5 kg
C: Gained > 5 kg

Q4: Have you missed your work or school in last one year?

A: More than two weeks in last year
B: less than a week in last year
C: No, I’ve hardly missed any day

Q5: If your promotion or salary rise is dependent upon going through a course that will require studying on weekend for six months, how likely you are to take it?

A: No, impossible to add more to my work
B: Can do it by renouncing some of my existing responsibilities
C: Can do it without much problem