Investor’s Page

Since our establishment about two years ago, we have grown significantly. Currently we have three centres catering to patient every lifestyle needs. We are only institution in India providing such gamut of services at one centre.


We are expanding and are planning to establish 12 to 15 more centres in NOIDA, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. To facilitate the expansion we have decided to raise INR50mn (5 Crore) from equity investors. Your interest is welcome.


We have been valued INR105 Crore by an IBBI (Govt of India) approved valuer. Gist of the report is attached here with:


Kindly go through our Business Plan, Investor Pitch given below:




A share transfer agent (registered with SEBI) has also been appointed to facilitate smooth transfer of and keeping your share in secured demat format.


You can contact us at info for any query or to enquire anything that might concern you.

We aim to provide “holistic care to achieve wholesome health” at our centres.