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Since our establishment about three years ago, we have grown significantly in terms of patients served. Currently we have one centre catering to patient every lifestyle disease and providing Anti-ageing solutions. We are only institution in India providing such gamut of services at one centre.


We are expanding and are planning to establish five more centres in NOIDA, to facilitate the expansion, we have decided to raise INR30mn (three Crore) from equity investors. Your interest is welcome. The raised funds will also enable us to promote our Apps.


Welltopia – Business Model: Welltopia is a hybrid business model having two pronged strategy: a. Offline: OPD, b, Saas – delivered by our Apps


Offline (OPD)SaaS
• Welltopia already has an established OPD at Sec 52 NOIDA and plans to set up five more in next three years Welltopia has been developing two Apps for the Patients:
• Revenue from one OPD is ~50 Lacs INR in latest FY and it’s in Black currentlyA. FEDA App: with the inbuilt algorithm, the patients get their fitness programme (consisting of medical Prescription, Diet Chart and Exercise Programme) in <100 seconds, delivered on their mobile and Email
• Expected annual revenue from six OPDs by FY25 is INR3.9 Crore and by FY27 it’s expected to be INR6.3 Crore B. Digital OPD App: This app too makes diagnosis by an inbuilt algorithm and deliver the medical prescription <100 seconds
Synergy is expected between two arms of the business – as we have more and more downloads of our Apps, the users are likely to reach us at our OPDs as well, when they need to see a doctor in person
With focused and intense promotion of the Apps, we expect to reach one lac downloads in 18 months and five lacs downloads in three years

With five lacs downloads we’d expect at least 10-15,000 active users per month who’d use our services at the Apps, this would generate online revenue and increase the offline patients inflow as well – the synergy

Milestones to be Achieved:

We have been valued INR12 Crore by an IBBI (Govt of India) approved valuer.


Kindly go through our Investor Pitch given below:



A share transfer agent (registered with SEBI) will also be appointed to facilitate smooth transfer of and keeping your share in secured demat format.


You can contact us at for any query or to enquire anything that might concern you

We aim to provide “holistic care to achieve wholesome health” at our centres.