A. Lifestyle Related Problems:

i. Management of Obesity (BMI >30)
ii. Management of Excess Weight: (BMI 25-30)
iii. Management of Low Weight: (BMI <21)
iv. Management of Hypertension
v. Management of Diabetes

B. Sports & Sports Related Challenges:

i. Building of Stamina
ii. Building of Endurance
iii. Building muscle Strength
iv. Treatment of Sprain, Strains
v. Development of Specific muscles related to sports of your choice

C. Life Coaching:

i. Setting up the Goal
ii. Achieving the Goals
iii. Overcoming Fear
iv. Management of Stress
v. Development of Willpower
vi. Overcoming the failures
vii. Beating the Depression/Depressive Thoughts
viii. Development of Optimism

A. Anti-aging Treatment:

i. Reduction/Lightening of Wrinkles
ii. Antioxidant Therapy
iii. Building Bone Density
iv. Building Lung Capacity
v. Building Adequate Muscle Strength
vi. Building Adequate Cardiovascular stamina
vii. Maintaining Adequate Mental Agility