Will Power Score

Choose One Option

Q1: SELF-DISCIPLINE Your colleagues are off to the pub for a post-work Monday pint but you’ve got your gym kit in your bag. What do you do?

A: Have some Beer
B: Just sauna
C: Pump some iron

Q2: SELF-DENIAL It's lunchtime! Everyone loves lunch. What will you opt for: healthy salad or a delicious burger?

A: Double-burger
B: Salad sandwich
C: Just salad

Q3: SELF-RESTRAINT It’s drinking up time and there are shouts for the nearest night club but your last bus home leaves in ten minutes. What do you do?

A: Last bus
B: Taxi later
C: Home for breakfast

Q4: SELF-CONTROL That important presentation’s not going to write itself but maybe it would be easier after a quick check of Facebook. What do you do?

A: What presentation?
B: Just a peek
C: Head down

Q5: SELF-STARTING You arranged a Sunday morning bike ride with your mate but come the hour and your duvet feels so comfy. What do you do?

A: Zzzzzzzzz
B: A few snoozes
C: Up 'n' at 'em'