Reasons to See a Diabetes Specialist


Diabetes is a disease related to your metabolism that leads to high blood glucose either because of inadequate production of insulin or because of the improper response of the cells to insulin or both. Patients who have diabetes suffer from polyuria, i.e. frequent urination along with polydipsia and polyphagia, i.e. unquenching thirst and hunger respectively. Below discussed are some of the essential facts about diabetes:

  • Diabetes leads to high blood sugar levels
  • There are two types of Diabetes, type 1 and type 2. In type 1 situation, the body does not produce insulin whereas, in type 2, the cells stop responding to the insulin produced.

Prevention and treatment

Following a healthy diet, regular workout, maintaining an average weight, and prohibiting the use of tobacco are a must to avoid diabetes. Type 1 is managed with insulin injections. On the other hand, type 2 is treated with regular medications. Consult a doctor as soon as you find any of the symptoms mentioned above. Ther are diabetes specialists whom you can visit to know whether you are diabetic or not. Delhi being the capital has the best medical facilities. So, try to see a diabetes specialist doctor in Delhi NCR, such as Welltopia.

The harsh realities

If you do not keep a check, diabetes can be the worst nightmare. It is because diabetes can lead to foot gangrene that might require amputation, blindness, failure of kidneys, heart failure etc. It is the responsibility of a doctor to aware their patients of this harsh reality. Only then the people will take diabetes seriously and will take measures to control it. The saddest part is that even though a large number of population is suffering from diabetes, only a little progress is being made to control it. The patients along with the proper guidance of the doctors can take up the responsibility to change this fact.


In recent years it has been seen that the diabetes specialist doctor in Noida and Delhi are working hard to raise the bar. They are making their patients aware about the diabetes, how to screen and mange it. It is important to know that your sugar levels can keep fluctuating. It is because the blood sugar levels generally rise right after having a meal whereas when you wake up after a long sleep, it remains low. It remains lowest until you have your breakfast. For this reason you are instructed to get routine checkups from a good diabetes specialist, such as Welltopia.

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