Hypertension Is Not Just a Problem in Your “Old Age”

High blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension is a worldwide problem. Earlier it was related to getting older and the people at their 20s and 30s remains unaffected to it. However, with the rise in urbanisation and gadgets even youngsters are now complaining of HBP and thus it becomes the most widespread cardiovascular abnormality. As a matter of fact 1/3 of population in Delhi NCR is suffering from hypertension.

You may not know but several minor health conditions might indicate the beginning of hypertension in your body. These include bleeding nose, dizziness, migraine, anxiety, shortens of breath, or change in vision. Such problems are majorly visible in our country majority of hypertension specialist in Delhi helps the patients to conquer it.

Reasons of Hypertension in Young Age

Primary hypertension is defined as high blood pressure during young age. The reasons are still unknown but don’t correspond to the cause of secondary hypertension, which is linked to some existing diseases.

There are certain reasons which may cause a younger individual to suffer from hypertension. These factors include smoking, obesity, or the family history of hypertension.

The factors which you can prevent or stop are known as modifiable factors of hypertension

Genetic Factors

There are some genes which may get you to the risk of hypertension. However, you can prevent these inherited reasons by avoiding the environments in which they might reflect. Your physical fitness plays a key role in it, hence it advised to do exercise regularly.

Rise of Primary Hypertension

The major cause of primary hypertension is getting old and this cannot be avoided; it’s related to arteriosclerosis (known as hardening of arteries). However, the symptoms of it are visible during your early 20s hence it is better to prevent it at the early stages because it becomes more hazardous during as you reach seniority.


It is not possible to prevent ageing, but that is not the only reason for hypertension. However, you must forget that by avoiding the modifiable risk factors you can reduce your chance to suffer from hypertension from young age. Thus it is better to quit smoking without waiting a second. If you are overweight or have a high waist-to-hip ratio (>0.55 for women and >0.6 in men) then create a goal for your body and start working out; or visit Welltopia for a consultation on optimizing your body weight and body fat. Though, it is not possible to reverse the genes, you can reduce their effect by making yourself physically fit. Still, if you are looking for an expert advice then don’t forget to consult a hypertension specialist in Noida such as Welltopiaor any other place in India. Experts like us have profound knowledge about high blood pressure and their chronic effects on your health.

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