Obesity Specialist: Expectations vs. Reality

Obesity Specialist: Expectations vs. Reality

Obesity is the condition of being plump as well as overweight at the same time. In these cases, the body experiences adverse health impacts due to the excessive accumulation of fat. An obesity specialist is a doctor who is specialized in techniques relating to body weight loss and will help you in losing weight and guide you on how to prevent obesity further. You are likely to see a specialist when the condition is out of your hand and you are in dire need of treatment.

Nevertheless, losing weight is a tedious job. The fact that has accumulated over the years cannot be shed off immediately or overnight. It needs proper treatment and with time, you will be able to shed quite a considerable amount of fat from your body. Regular physical activities and a proper diet are essential to achieving this, along with strong willpower and determination. The first step to this is to identify what causes obesity so that you can prevent those and go on with your regular regime for fighting obesity.

Expectation and realities of obesity specialists

The list below jots down some of the common expectations and realities associated with obesity specialist.

Losing weight faster

It is a common notion among people who want to lose weight, that as soon as they meet an obesity specialist, he or she will get the boon of losing fat faster, whereas, the reality is not so. The process is time taking and requires a daily commitment.

Your obesity specialist may guarantee you flat abs within a month when you look for ways on how to prevent obesity. Nevertheless, you need to understand that each body is unique and the treatments will have different effects on each of them.

Amount of weight loss

Another common expectation is the amount of fat you can shed in a little amount of time. Your obesity specialist will ask you to go through a proper diet along with intense workout sessions so that you can lose more amount of fat at once.

However, it is nearly impossible to lose fat at once. Initially, the change may not even be visible except for the weight measurement machine. However, on regular maintenance of the regime for weight loss, once the excess fat is shed with time, the changes will start becoming visible.

Ease of lifestyle

The whole process of weight loss is full of changes made in the lifestyle of a person. An obesity specialist will never talk about such things when he recommends the techniques for weight loss. However, in the real picture, you will see that how problematic is it to bring in all those changes from the habits what causes obesity.

It is no surprise that there are expectations of most patients when they consult an obesity specialist. Therefore, it is important to know the real scenario before jumping to any conclusion.

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Dr. Sandeep Gupta

Director, Welltopia


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