Early Symptoms of Diabetes to Look Out For

How do you know in the first place if you have diabetes or not? The common symptoms include – polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia caused by higher level of glucose. It is generally a kind of sugar, which is present in your blood. So, when you have exceeded the normal limit, you are diagnosed with diabetes. The diabetes specialist in Delhi however, says it is better to treat at an early stage.

However, all this is after you have done the blood test for diabetes. But, under what circumstances would you conduct the test? Let’s find out.

Common symptoms

  • The most indications are fatigue and hunger. The food your intake gets converted into glucose, but your cells do not get the insulin needed to absorb the glucose for producing energy, hence fatigue. As a result, you keep feeling hungry.
  • With an increased level of glucose in the blood, your kidneys become inadequate in bringing back the glucose to them and hence you produce more urine than usual.
  • As the body uses up all the fluids inside to produce urine, your mouth becomes dry and there is less moisture. Thus, dryness leads to itching of the skin too.
  • Finally, this frequent change in levels of fluid in your body causes the eyes to swell up. As a result, the shape of the eyes also keeps changing and hence the focal point in the retina. This causes blurred vision.

Type 1 symptoms

  • Weight loss is the foremost symptom that occurs when your blood sugar level increases. Because your body won’t be able to provide energy, so you are more likely to use the muscle and fat for energy; this will lead to a loss of
  • Thus, when you burn fats and muscles, you produce ketones; these cause nausea and vomiting. Eventually, they may grow to life-threatening The diabetes specialist in Noida suggests to get treated as soon as these signs start to occur.

Type 2 symptoms

  • These signs arise after a prolonged period of increased glucose level in your body. You may get infections caused by yeast as they feed on glucose. They may show in places like under the breasts, between toes and fingers, around sex organs, etc.
  • Your cuts and/or wounds take longer to heal and repair. Increased glucose levels cause damage to the nerves. Alongside, you may feel numbness in your hands and feet.

Therefore, diabetes should be treated as soon as you get the early signs instead of waiting for it to grow bigger.

Thank you for reading this.

Dr. Sandeep Gupta

Director, Welltopia


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