Sleep Loss: A Culprit for Weight Gain?

It is recommended by doctors to sleep for seven to eight hours. However, due to the constant rat of this modern era, people are even working during nights or they have shifted their schedules which is depriving their sleep. You may not know but there are significant side effects and biggest among all is obesity or unnecessary weight gain that’s followed by diabetes, hypertension, Arthritis and many other problems.

However, the question is does sleeping less is the actual cause of weight gain? Or how sleep loss is leading you towards obesity?

You will get the answer to all such question in this post. Hence read this post carefully to know the effects of sleeping less on body weight.

Increase the Intake of Carbs

According to a research published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people with lack of sleep lead themselves to that path of high caloric food which contains a significant of carbohydrates. Another research conducted by the University of Chicago concluded that people depriving their sleep used to take twice the amount of fat eatables than those who sleep for at least 8 hours. The problem is much more visible in Indian metropolis too. Moreover, It leads the people to an obesity specialist doctor in Delhi or in other big cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata and many more.

Effects Hunger Hormones

How do we feel hungry? How do we feel that we eat sufficient food? These are the questions that might strike in our head when we were kids.

Ghrelin makes us feel hungry, Leptin on the other tell us when we have to stop.

Now, if you are starving on your sleep the balance between the secretions of these two hormones get disrupted.

How, here is the answer.

Depriving your sleep means you are using more energy means you feel hungry which is initiated by Ghrelin. However, there must be a full stop, but this doesn’t happen as lack of sleep raises your Leptin levels and you start eating more and gain extra pounds.


So, at last, we can conclude that yes, sleep loss is the real culprit behind gaining extra weight. Apart from the increase in weight it also increases the amount of a stress hormone called cortisol which again leads to eating more and Cortisol is also responsible for water retention that might look one fatter. However, if you feel obese then it’s better to consult an obesity specialist doctor in Noida such as Welltopiaor someone near your city.

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