Healthy Food Habits That Will Reverse Diabetes

Healthy Food Habits That Will Reverse Diabetes

According to a recent study by World Health Organization, nearly 8.7%of the population in India is diabetic. This rising graph is a warning for all as the number is likely to double in the coming years.

What are the causes of this chronic condition?

Diabetes can be classified as type-1 and type-2. Type-1 diabetes often occurs when the immune system attacks the cells that produce insulin, making the body insulin deficient. Type 2 diabetes generally occurs as a result of family history or excessive weight. Without the insulin, the body is unable to function properly, giving rise to Cardiovascular Diseases.

If you are diabetic, you need to really take care of your health because if you don’t, there will be serious consequences. In addition to consulting a diabetes specialist in Noida, follow these healthy foods habits:


  1. Avoid sugar


If you have a sweet tooth, it is time that you take it off. Intake of excessive amounts of sugar in any form whatsoever will only result in making you add those extra tyres, which you absolutely cannot afford! You can’t totally kill your cravings, and therefore, we have alternatives:

  • Cut down on sodas, soft drinks and try lime water instead.
  • Replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate. It has lower amount of sugar and keeps you happy and satisfied.
  • Avoid packaged foods. Make your own meals.
  • Use fresh ingredients, like fresh yoghurt instead of a canned product.


  1. Consume lesser portions


When you are diabetic, it is important that you eat in lesser quantities. You don’t need to abandon everything and head to the mountains; just be a little careful on the quantities of the foods that you eat. Don’t entirely cut down on your favorite foods, just reduce their amounts. Eat healthily.


  1. Fiber products are a definite yes


Eat foods high in fiber, like fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. They will not only prevent weight gain, but will also help your diabetes reduce to a considerable extent.


  1. Water is a must


If you are diabetic, consuming lots and lots of water can do wonders. Staying hydrated keeps your blood sugar low, leaving no room for diabetes.


  1. Choice of meat


Are you a Non- vegetarian? Doesn’t worry because we’re not telling you to cut down on meat, rather help you choose it wisely? Go for lean meats, which don’t have large amounts of fat in them (such as chicken breast). Adding fish to your diet is a really good idea. Also, do anything except frying the meat. If you fry the meat, it will add a lot of oil in it, which is not good for health. Sauté it, grill it, bake it, but please don’t fry it!

Apart from maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, exercising is equally important. Brush off all the laziness and start following an effective exercising routine if you really want to get rid of diabetes. Consult a diabetes specialist in Delhi for better insight.

Thank you for reading this.

Dr. Sandeep Gupta

Director, Welltopia

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