Diagnosing Diabetes – Beyond Glucose Control

Introduction to diabetes

The word diabetes is a Greek term that signifies ‘Straddling’. The Greek word ‘Diabenein’ leads to diabetes due to its siphoning effect that urges to pee quite often. This disease occurs due to insufficient insulin production in beta cells of the pancreas which is located right below the rib cage. Due to this improper functioning of the pancreas the production of insulin remains insufficient for the body. This type hits at the prime and thus it is called the juvenile. Whereas the second is found at an older age, i.e. after the age of forty, in which case the insulin produced isn’t enough to keep blood sugar at optimal level because of Insulin resistance developed.

Function of insulin

Once your food gets digested, then this hormone plays its role. During the metabolism of carbohydrates, the liver produces glucose slowly which circulates to the rest of the body. Insulin plays a major role here by regulating the levels of glucose in the circulatory system thus helping it to channalise to each cell in the form of energy. Apart from this, the insulin keeps a check at the accumulated fat in our bodies along with the consumption of amino acids by the cells and tissues. See the best diabetologist in Delhi if you think you are prone to this disease.

How is it tested?

What we generally do is, seeing a doctor as soon as we feel something with our sugar levels. Once we reach the clinic, several tests are recommended to determine high blood sugar level. Some of these tests are even done to ensure whether one is already diabetic or is passing the pre-diabetic stage. Some of these tests are: fasting blood sugar test, random blood sugar test, oral glucose tolerance test, Glycosylated Heamoglobin levels (Hb1ac), which indicates long term blood sugar control in our body. Glucose tolerance test is the Gold standard for diagnosing Type II Diabetes, in which doctor determines how much your sugar level rises at the two hour point after taking the 75 gram of Glucose.


Keeping a check on blood sugar is the most important part of living with diabetes. This helps to bring changes in your diet and insulin if required. It will help in maintaining your blood sugar levels. Most importantly, stay in regular touch with your doctor and switch to someone better if required. Some of the best diabetologist in Noida can help you live a healthy life with diabetes. As we all know that it is uncurable but one can live a long with a routine life. There are various books and websites such as Welltopia where you can find further assistance.

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