How to Prevent Pre-Diabetes from Getting Worse

According to many Dietitians and Diabetes Specialist in Delhi, almost half a percentage of the total population nowadays is diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes. Patients are not even realizing the harm caused, as it approaches the body with no symptoms. The moment you are diagnosed with Pre-diabetes that does not mean that you are a diabetic patient from now onwards. It is just an alarming bell to start off with a new lifestyle process.

Pre-Diabetes is an initial stage where a patient is diagnosed with a high blood sugar level, which if not taken care may rise even higher. A person who already has started undergoing Pre-Diabetic damages, should start changing the daily lifestyle and start off with a list of good habits to overcome.

Physical Fitness has the Prime Role to Play

As suggested by the Diabetes Specialist in Noida, becoming active will not just improve your health condition but also keep you energetic throughout your daily busy routine. Doing exercises regularly can help you a lot and the best way to exercise while you are out for your work is to bring more physical activity at your workplace.

For example, getting up and down from the stairs frequently can help.  It is always to be kept in mind that doing a physical activity can treat Pre-Diabetes by reducing your extra body fat and improving g your blood sugar level.

Plan your Diet to Get the Most from it

Having a balanced diet is always suggested by Diabetes Specialist in Delhi as what you eat is what you give to your body. Adding ample amount of leafy vegetables helps in improving meals. Extra spicy food and ample use of cooking oils can harm. It is always advisable to use olive oils for cooking. Eating lots of fruits and fiber-rich meals can help to switch over from an unhealthy diet to a nutritious diet.

Drinking ample amount of water removes the extra toxins and this way extra fat can also be dealt with. Starting up with the habit of eating in smaller portions and taking foods after every 2 hours also keeps you healthy and is a part of a perfect diet.

Quitting Smoking is a Must

According to the Diabetes Specialist in Noida, chain smokers are at high risk and are prone to be diabetic very soon. Not only it causes Diabetes, but smoking can also harm the lungs and effect on health drastically.  Studies have proved that one-third of Diabetes is caused by Smoking. Hence the only way to combat smoking is to build in a self-determination to quit and start a healthy living.

The only way to prevent yourself from Pre-Diabetes getting worse is to immediately take up a 1-month lifestyle changing challenge for self and in this way you can prevent further damage to your health.

Thank you for reading this.

Dr. Sandeep Gupta

Director, Welltopia

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