Welltopia Apps

We have been developing two Apps focused on our patient’s specific needs viz (both the apps are expected to be live on Google Play by September/October 2022)

  • FDA App : Fitness, Diet and Anti-aging – you are given tools to–
    1. Fitness: lose your weight or gain weight – the App makes a diagnoses based on your weight, height and gender if you are over/under-weight
    2. Diet: you are given various diets such as Anti-pollution, Anti-aging, Immunity boosting diets and more
    3. Anti-aging: you are given access to various anti-aging modality to fight impact of aging – including wrinkles (but not just wrinkles, we reverse ageing inside out, starting from blood health to lung, heart and kidney’s health)
  • Digital Doctor/Digital OPD : This app enables you to get your diagnosis and prescription at your smart phone, all in <100 seconds. We also call it two minutes doctorTM.

    We are covering following specialties in this App:

    1. Internal Medicine (The Physician)
    2. Gynaecology (Women Specialist)
    3. Skin (Dermatologist)
    4. Gastroenterology – to be added by Mar 2023
    5. Ophthalmology – to be added by Mar 2023

You can also Chat with our Specialist Doctors via this App