Best Obesity Treatment in Delhi NCR

Obesity is rising rampantly in India, nu of obese have risen from 0.7 million in 1975 to ~30mn in 2014. Problem is even higher in Delhi NCR where 35% of teenagers, 39% of Men and 48% of women are obese (BMI>30).


Such high weight isn’t a cosmetic problem only; but also, it’s a precursor of Diabetes, Hypertension and Arthritis. Thus, Obesity needs serious and immediate attention.

Obesity is a rising problem in our country but it can be cured with the best advice in hand. Welltopia provides the best Obesity specialist doctor in delhi and Noida for a professional treatment and visible results.


We are giving the most effective obesity clinic in Delhi NCR and the results are visible in the form of happy faces that comes from diverse demographics. Hectic schedules, bad eating habits, stress are the primary cause of being obese in our country but you can visit us and get your problem solved in the most effective manner.

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    We aim to provide “holistic care to achieve wholesome health” at our centres.

    How may we help you?

    At our obesity clinic in Noida, we understand how it feels to be overweight and the social factors that lead the person towards depression, and low feelings. However, you don’t need to feel the same as we have the best strategies to fight obesity.

    Calculating body fat percentage

    The first step in our treatment is to estimate a patient’s fat percentage so that further medication, counselling and process can be followed.

    Diagnose the reasons for obesity

    It is important to know the reason that making you unfit whether it is food, genetics, metabolic disorders or hormonal imbalance, we at welltopia can find it.

    Including exercises

    Adding exercise to your lifestyle with medications will divert you towards a self-contentment and give you optimum results with better health in lesser time.


    At Welltopia we provide medications such as Lorcaserine, which curb appetite effectively with least possible side effects. Notably, medications can’t be provided by weight loss centres. Thus, patients are able to withstand the diet plans.

    Effective diet charts

    Your food plays a major role in treatment of obesity and thus we’ve created effective diet plan to help you to achieve your transformation goal. We have devised “Welltopia Diets” for various body types and patients having different goals.

    How we are different

    month, we target just 2-3 kg per month , which can be sustained. At our centre, we not only address obesity but also advise on management of associated problems such as Diabetes and Hypertension, thus, we are better equipped as compared to run by the mill weight loss centers. We hope to create a healthier Delhi.

    Types of obesity we can treat:

    You may not know but obesity too has different kinds and you can get rid of it from our obesity treatment in Noida.

    Obesity caused by inactivity

    Obesity caused by hormonal imbalance

    Obesity caused by excessive eating

    Obesity due to genetic factors

    We aim to provide “holistic care to achieve wholesome health” at our centres.