Intellectual Propertie

Following Are The Intellectual Properties Owned By Welltopia :-

Youth-BackTM Emulsion – The Anti-wrinkle, Anti-acne emulsion

We at Welltopia has created a unique emulsion that is capable of fighting wrinkles, acne and oily skin. Youth-BackTM consists of various pharmaceutical and natural substances including, vitamin C and B and H. Youth-BackTM acts as following:


1. Enhances Collagen production, thus improving elasticity of skin

2. Reducing sebum production, thus controlling acne

3. Fighting bacteria at skin, thus reducing acne

4. Increases cell turnover, thus causing exfoliation smoothly without need of chemical peeling


We are in process of applying patent on Youth-Back as well.


These two intellectual properties are sure to strengthen us as a corporate and have the potential of raking in big profits in years to come.

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