Digital Doctor App

  • Problem Solved by the Digital Doctor App: The App addresses problems associated with everyday healthcare delivery, such as –
    1. Cost: the consultation fee of doctors in tier 1 & 2 cities are in the range of INR400 to 2,000 per consultation, it’s brought down to very pocket friendly INR99/- per consultation
    2. Time: Average waiting time at doctor’s clinic is 15 minutes to 30 minutes, it’s brought down to zero
    3. Commuting: Patients have to go to the doctor’s place that adds to the time and cost incurred, which is brought to zero

It has two parts:

  • Diagnosis and Treatment by Artificial Intelligence : which has three sections/modalitiescurrently and will add another two – Gastroenterology and Ophthalmology by March 2023:
    1. Internal Medicine
    2. Gynaecology
    3. Skin
    4. Gastroenterology (to be added by March 2023)
    5. Ophthalmology (to be added by March 2023)
  • Chat with Doctors : we have doctors who are specialized in different fields and our user by logging in paying a small fee can chat with doctors in real time, send their lab reports (in pdf format)and voice messages and receive their medical Prescription via chat