Diet Plan For Women


The diet plans given below are for women in weight range of 55-60 kg. If you fall in different weight category, pls write to us to get a specific plan for you.

    • 1. Skin & Hair Diet :- this diet focuses on Skin and Hair health; helps in improving skin elasticity, therefore ease the wrinkles and it lessens hair fall
    • 2. Anti-ageing diet :- this diet focuses on reversing the clock and easing the impact of ageing on vital organs such as Heart, Brain, Kidney, Liver and Lung; this diet combined with enough exercise makes you 10-15 years younger than your real age.
    • 3. Anti-pollution diet :- helps you fight impact of pollution on your body, esp. Lungs, recommended for people living in Cities with AQI >150 and urgently required where AQI>300.
    • 4. Immunotopic Diet :- – helps you strengthen your immunity, relevant in Post-Covid era, helps fighting common diseases
    • 5.Neurotopic Diet :- – helps you strengthen your brain, improves memory, ward off neurodegenerative diseases such as – Alzheimer’s disease; useful for students, professionals and older people.